Ship Repair

  • Deck Machinery / Engine Machinery / Electrical faults recover / Annual Survey
  • Hatch cover repairs
  • Steel & pipe renewal
  • Crane jib damage repair
  • Load testing for cargo gears
  • Crane repairs for malfunction from luffing, slewing, hoisting and twin operations
  • Windlass machinery repair
  • Anchor / anchor chain renewal
  • Underwater inspection, cleaning and repairs
    Ship’s rename, repainting draft marks, chipping and painting, etc.
  • Pump / valve overhauling / repairs
  • Motor rewinding, rotor dynamic balancing, metal spraying, etc.
  • M/E & A/E parts Reconditioning
  • M/E & A/E turbocharger & governor overhauling
  • M/E & A/E main bearing, cross head bearing and crankpin bearing overhauling
  • Pressure/temperature calibrator/gauge and gas detector calibration
  • New fabrication air cooler, oil cooler, heater, evaporator, condensers, etc.
  • Stern tube seal bonding in afloat condition
  • Tank cleaning, disposal of oily water, sludge, wasted oil, etc.
  • Annual survey for FFA /LSA / SE / EEBD / SCBA

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