Ship Management

Ship Management

Our people is the reason for our success. Amos Asia can cover most of your management needs. With skilled hands both on shore and on board, we are committed to deliver the service below:

  • Technical Management;
  • Marine (including ISM/ISPS/MLC) Management;
  • Crew Management;
  • Lay-up Management
  • Technical support
  • Others required

Following the core of ship technical management and crew management, AmosAsia devote ourselves to providing value-added, innovative and effective ship management services. AmosAsia has a group of experienced Chief Engineers and Captains as Port Engineer and Port Captain in merchant ship management, and managers with experience in seaman labor management. Basis on above, we can provide the service from both the technical level and personnel management aspects. At the same time, we use the advanced position tracking system to track and guide the ship in 24hours. We are aiming to provide customers with nanny-style comprehensive ship management with honest service and professional management, to meet customers’ satisfactory.

Amos Asia Ship Service Co.,Ltd, is registered in Hongkong and get DOC from Panamanian government for the passenger ship management, to provide ISM/ISPS/MLC system management and marine and engineering technology support, docking maintenance inspection, crew management, insurance and daily operation for the vessel Jimei.

AmosAsia undertake services for XSI of navigation possibility evaluation, technical service, logistics support, and daily management of the delayed delivery ship. Ship types covers bulk carriers, platform supply vessel, wind power installation ships, platform ships, heavy cranes vessel, barges, etc.

And the AmosAsia will give prompt react towards typhoon everytime before it crosses the 48-hours warning line. Having dispatched several sets of sailing crews and technicians, as well as the materials needed for brand new and empty ship at anchorage, we make the ship withdraw from typhoon to save costs and ensure the safety for the new ship.