Main business

Marine turbocharger,Speed governor maintenance & trouble-shooting,Dynamic balance for rotors,Spare parts sales,Fuel oil booster maintenance & trouble shooting.

Brand Strength

We have authorization from the Netherlands maker Mar-in Controls for Fuel oil booster.

Technique Guarantee

We have a team which have makers’ working experience and service career by decade,such as MAN Prime Serv & ABB service team. Our workshop is with all necessary testing and special tools and all necessary equipments so that we can provide “house keeping”service to our clients.

Typical Reference

New Sea Bull

“New Sea Bull”Dredger turbocharger 36000h maintenance.Disassembled the rotor of turbocharger on board.


TAIBO generator turbocharger 1set TET12S maintenance

After changing parts and service, the turbocharger is working well.

Till now, we have provided services for all our clients without any claim. All the turbochargers are working well. And all  our clients are satisfied.

Purpose of Service

We devote ourselves to do always better service to our clients and improve our clients’ value.

Contact Us

E-mail: marketing@amosasia.com